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Computer Chess Games for Sale
For over twenty years Saitek® as been improving their computer games.  If you are just learning how to play chess, the Chess Trainer or the Talking Chess Trainer are great choices.  As your level improves, we have the Talking Chess Academy and the Master Chess Computer. 
World Wide Chess Sets also carries the Excalibur® Chess Computers.  Most of the Excalibur® chess sets have 100+ levels for you to select.  Our favorite Excalibur chess set is the Ivan II The Conqueror, you will hear swords and armor clang and horses gallop.  This games is a brand-new reincarnation of Excalibur's® popular chess-playing barbarian. 
Regardless of your skill level, if you would like to improve your game, either the Saitek® or the Excalibur® computer chess sets are for you!